The Hat Ladies eagerly tossed our hats into this Project (for the 7th year) sponsored by The Headwear Association and brought hats, donated by The Bollman Hat Company, www.bollmanhats.com to One80Place (formerly known as Crisis Ministries), www.one80place.org.

It is a win-win situation for everyone as seen by this note from Traci, the Donation and Supply Coordinator:

"Hello Beautiful Hat Ladies, Thank you for coming to One80 Place and giving hats to the guests. You went above and beyond just donating hats to people in need; you provided a self-confidence boost by helping the men and women choose a hat that not only keeps them warm in the winter but is also stylish. The event was a success, and we at One80 Place greatly value your continued support. We look forward to future events with the Hat Ladies."


One table has Ladies' hats: Mimi, Teri, Pat are ready to serve them

The other has men's, with Teri, Pat, Eileen, and Jakae serving as "Ladies in Waiting"

Gail will help "direct traffic!"


Pat, Jakae, Eileen

Jakae, Eileen

Teri, Pat

Jakae, Eileen

Jakae, Eileen

Teri, Pat, Jakae

Pat, Eileen

Archie with VERY haTpy Customer


The residents enjoy a seat at the table, with the warmth of their new hats

Eileen, Archie (in the mirror taking the picture), Mimi, Volunteer Coordinator Traci, Pat, Teri

Mimi, Teri, Pat, Eileen, Jakae, Gail, Archie

We are honored to participate in something that allows us to make the spirit of the season so tangible and FUN for everyone involved.  170 hats were distributed.

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