The Hat Ladies eagerly tossed our hats into this Project (for the 6th year) sponsored by The Headwear Association and brought hats, donated by The Bollman Hat Company, to One80Place (formerly known as Crisis Ministries)

We are honored to participate in something that allows us to make the spirit of the season so tangible.  170 hats were distributed.

We were delighted to receive the following email the next day from their Coordinator, Sarah:  "I'm so glad it went well, but I am sorry I missed it.  When I came in this morning, a few members of Staff told me how much the guests enjoyed it and how happy they looked walking around with their new hats on.  I look forward to seeing you next Christmas."

Mimi, Pat, and Corinne "man" the Ladies' hat table

While Gail and Archie take care of the men's

A premier facility in Charleston

Gail, Mimi, Archie, Pat, Corinne



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