There is a Closet in town that has been renamed "Holly's Closet."  It is located in the Psychiatric Institute Building on the campus of The Medical University of South Carolina, in the Department where Holly Ewans worked as a Nurse.  This Closet was established a number of years ago to accommodate patients who, after receiving necessary medical services, returned to the streets where they choose to live. It is supported by the Nursing Staff, but none more enthusiastically than HOLLY EWANS.  Both Fred Ewans, Holly's devoted husband, Colby, her loving daughter, and Gwen Frank, Holly's admiring Supervisor,  said she had a "heart of gold" when it came to supplying this Closet. 

Therefore, when Holly was tragically killed by a drunk driver, it was renamed "HOLLY'S CLOSET" and her hatsisters made it our mission to keep it filled with the gently used items needed for a life on the street. In this way, we can appropriately honor one whose life was ended far too soon.  We are comforted in knowing "HOLLY'S CLOSET" coordinates with similar social service organizations that we have worked with previously.  Our donated goods will do the most good throughout the community, starting with her Closet at MUSC Department of Psychiatry, just as Holly would have wanted.

If you read all the way down this page, you will see a second Holly's Closet has recently been established by her loving daughter, Colby Clements, in her hometown of Providence, Rhode Island                                                                          

Holly's photo from our 2019 Easter Promenade and plaque bearing her name and story appear above her Closet


These two photos show the initial shipment of donations from The Hat Ladies and their husbands


The boxes contain unisex stocking caps generously donated by BOLLMAN HATS, www.bollmanhats.com



Hospital Staff member, Archie, and Gwen



As The Hat Ladies continue to empty their closets, another group to which we have been affiliated is now on board, tossing their gently used items into the mix: 

Dragon Boat Charleston



Archie and Gwen, Holly's supervisor


Our dearly beloved Caroline's Gently  Used Clothes are featured in this photo, along with the Staff.

More donations from this delivery. The timing proved to be perfect; they were running low on supplies, especially winter.

The Latest donations come from paddlers of Dragon Boat Charleston. 

The Hat Ladies have been privileged to paddle with them over the years..as The Hat Dragons, of course!



From her daughter, Colby: Contributing to this Project is a great way for the people who needed the help 

my Mom gave them to continue getting it. Thank you so much for doing this in her honor.  It means more

than you know.  I appreciate you.

From her husband, Fred:  I've tried to thank you for a week, for what you and the Hat Ladies have done

for my wife's legacy.  I just couldn't come up with the right words to thank you. Holly's Closet is exactly who

she was.  She always found a way to reach out to those in need.  That is the main reason she became a

nurseand found she could do the most good as a nurse, working with the psychiatric patients.  I know that

she is aware of what's being done for her, and I believe she loves it all.  Thank you, Archie, with all my heart. 

Thank you. Fred Ewans.

Update from her daughter, Colby:  I wanted to let you know Holly's Closet is officially expanding this

upcoming year.  I have been working alongside her high school that she went to, and we will be opening up

a Holly's Closet in September for the students at Pilgrim High School (Warwick, RI).  We will be providing

clothing, shoes, and other necessities for students to grab if they need them throughout the year.  We will

also be having a request box for students to anonymously put in their needs. I will make sure to fulfill

them. Thank you so much for continuing my Mom's Legacy in South Carolina. Now I will be taking the reins

to start and continue it here in Rhode Island.