I do want to thank you for all that you did to make the Promenade possible.   You and your husband are delightful and well- deserving of all the praise shown to you both.


Hats off to you and John for a great PROM. The advance media was impressive! Your work ethic is inspiring!!!!  And everyone looked fabulous.


What a fabulous time Saturday!


As usual, the Promenade was wonderful, and everyone looked beautiful.


Thanks to you both for all the work you did to make our Easter promenade such a huge success. You even provided the perfect weather!!! The crowds lining Broad Street were much larger and very enthusiastic when we strolled by them. It was such a perfect day---You both can feel mighty good that all your efforts paid off!  Thanks again for another fabulous Easter promenade!

My 12 year old grandniece told me she wants to be in the Promenade every year until she dies!  Looks like we have a new Hat Lady for life!


We had a blast.  The Prom was perfect and spectacular!


From all the pics on Face Book, Saturday was a rainbow of beautiful Hat Ladies in the parade!


Promenade was spectacular!!! Everything!!!


Beautiful! Like southern spring flowers to grace our city.


Yesterday was really lovely - everyone looked great!  Wonderful job on the 17th annual Promenade.


Just wanted to say that Promenade was absolutely wonderful yesterday.  It was a perfect day and I enjoyed every minute of walking, talking, the band, and the Mayor.  A fabulous success, thank you!


Saturday was a great morning with the best company in town!!


Thank you both for bringing the essence of Spring to all of us during this Easter season by providing The Hat Ladies Easter Promenade to all that waited for us and the beautiful Hat Ladies, Hat Men, and the beautiful families, and their pets that attended!  What an amazing experience!  I soooo appreciate and value the love and work that you both do to make this event a Charleston event!  


                                            MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2019

Picture The Hat Ladies