Picture The Hat Ladies

Next the words, "I love your hat," The Hat Ladies love to hear the words, "Can I take your picture?" Thus every Hatpening becomes a photo op. Then again, simply walking down the street elicits a response from anyone carrying a camera.

Therefore, our pictures can be found in countless scrapbooks throughout the world. Furthermore, the newspapers and magazines whose stories are found under "The Hat Ladies in the News" have also generously photographed us.

"Picture The Hat Ladies" proudly presents pictures from OUR scrapbook.

Easter Promenade 2018      

Monthly Luncheon   (Jasmine Porch - August)           (Updated 8/11)

Mother's Day-Friendship Luncheon  (Bacco of Mt. Pleasant) 

Anniversary Luncheon  (The Mills House)        

Hats of The World Luncheon  (Romanian Mission, New York)

 Hat Dragons   

Hat Ladies on the Go!     (updated 8/7)

HaTpy Hour  (updated 8/19)    

Hat Ladies (and gents) in Training (HITS)    (Updated 8/9)

Heavenly Hat Ladies and Hat Men  

Hats from the Past    

The Royal Wedding   


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