The Park is in sight.. our energized Promenaders finish our stroll

Mayor Tecklenburg gives one more wave of his boater..

...while the crowd has swelled to greet our victorious return

The band plays "The Charleston!"



The Tecklenburgs and Archie form a receiving line

The newest Hat Ladies, with a lifetime membership ahead of them

It's been a banner day, as its haTpy carriers at the back of the line reach the Park

Always time for more mingling...

..and picture taking...

Some remain at the Park for large group pictures!


While others are ready for a nap...

The best Tour and Tour Guide in town has brought his van as close as he can to catch our "Show"


Mark your Calendars now for Promenade #18:

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Thanking  pg. 11