Participants enjoyed the 6,000 acre fox hunting and equestrian trails at Middleton Place rarely open to the public and


experienced the popular European sport known as canicross (running with your dog in a tandem harness),


while The Hat Ladies enjoyed witnessing it (and helping wherever we could)


while The Hat Ladies enjoyed witnessing it (and helping)


Pat, Mimi, Archie, Candace, Cheryl, Kimberly

(not pictured:  Julie, Teri)

Candace and Archie provide water for the owners and their dogs at the 1/2 way mark

Teri, who was at the "Alligator Pit" meets up with Candace at the end of the day

Archie and Teri

Mimi helped with registration and t-shirts, and now the clean up

Mimi and Denise (co owner of Gosnell & Company);

Kimberly and Mimi pack 'em up!