9-1-1 Firemen Silent Walk

This year marked the 6th year in which Firefighters walked from one side of the Ravenel Bridge to The Yorktown (a WWII battleship) to honor those heroes who never came home the morning of 9/11/2001. The participants are dressed in full gear and carry the name of a fallen hero they represented. 

The Top Hat enthusiastically enlisted the help of pur hatsisters and coordinated all other volunteers. Our water stations were on the top of The Bridge.under The Bridge, and on Patriots Way, the road leading to The Yorktown (a WWII Battleship). We proudly wore our Hat Ladies T-shirts...and our hats!

Unfortunately full participation was limited because the initial date had to be rescheduled because of Hurricane Dorian.

At the top of The Bridge: Corinne, Carolyn, Renee, Kathy H.

Corinne, Carolyn, Renee, Kathy's H & G.

Corinne, Renee, Carolyn, Kathy's G & H, Archie with water ready

A wife/husband effort: Cheryl & Alan

Let the distribution begin

Cheryl, Kathy G, Pat, Mimi

Finally on the way down

Making the turn to go under The Bridge





Volunteer Coordinator and Top Hat, Archie, and Tian Griffith, NChas. Fireman who created The Walk

Archie, Renee, Carolyn, Corinne, Kathy H.

Mimi and Pat

Cheryl and Kathy G.


Meanwhile, under The Bridge, Regina, Archie, and Pat wait with THEIR water to distribute


They are joined by  Ida




The "crew" from the top joins the "crew" at the bottom.  Tian's there, too.

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