Tarragona and Ibiza

Farewell to Susie and Bubber, Teri and Nancy. Time to sale off into the sunset with Jeff and Joan

Tauk Tours, Windstar

We enter the medieval town of Tarragona early in the morn

But they know we're there


Monastery El Poblet, among the most famous of Europe

Catch those blue skies!


With its peaceful gardens

and panoramic views

Tarragona is also known as the city of human towers.


They live and breathe this tower building spirit which requires the commitment and bravery of many people. They built one for us along side our ship when we returned for lunch.  John loved the gymnastics of it all





Joan with her silver spoon in her mouth at dinner

Fortunately we all enjoy such sunsets in Charleston!




Ibiza is a stunningly beautiful island paradise in the Mediterranean, which boasts more than 100 miles of coastline with over 50 beaches.

It's said to be the spot where Ulysses was lured by the sirens

The Market Place

This Restaurant took paintings from "starving artists" many years ago as payment...

They now have priceless pieces hanging on their walls


Jeff, Joan, and John take a bumpy jeep ride down to the beautiful beaches

Archie (wisely) chooses a wine and tapas tasting


Making new friends

Enjoying the current one...

 Summer Travel 2016 Cartegena, Granada