We continue our odyssey across Northern Spain, taking a "different approach to exploring the most beautiful spots along the Cantabrian seaboard and enjoying its numerous charms."  We've traveled by plane, boat, bus, and foot; it's time for a train ride.

"Every coach is in itself a history of railway rolling stock restoration, of giving life to vehicles whose time on commercial services had ended, and that, like the phoenix, returned to the rails with an image and quality hard to find on any train in the world.... The result is a combination of the charm of the trains of the early twentieth century with the most advanced comfort of the 21st century."

Viverio and Ribadeo

We meet up with our Train Tour in the dining room of the former Hospital, now a Hotel




Two gentlemen from Switzerland are our first friends.  Good thing we like them (and the couple we'll meet next):  Everyone else on the Tour only spoke Spanish!

We're in for some good eatin'...

... Just don't ask me what it is...

"Home" for the next 9 days and nights

The Staff, who barely speaks English, awaits us

A champagne toast to what will prove to be a WONDERFUL experience,

despite the language barrier.  Some things transcend language, as you will see later

Our compartment...bed

...bathroom, with a surprisingly great shower

Closet space; fortunately suitcases fit under the bed

Views from the window

First Stop:  Viverio

The other English speaking couple; good things we liked them, too!

Too much work....


Next stop, Ribadeo!



Blue above and blue below.  But we're anything BUT blue!

Las Catedrales Beach, one of the most spectacular in the world

Wait 'til you see the Festival we stumble upon!

Yep, it's a "White Hat" Festival...

...wish I had got the memo, as did the town folk

EVERYbody participates!


Hated to leave, but the Mediterranean was calling

Teeny, tiny mussels

Seen from our bus window

 Summer Travels 2016 Luarca and Candas