Along with all the other enticements mentioned in the promotional material and media for The Charleston Cup, the words, "Hat Contest" appeared prominently.  Our 4th Contest was the best yet, thanks to the generosity of the following hat shops that donated fabulous prizes for the various categories for men, women, and children.

Hat Shops: Isabella's (139 Market Street), Oceane, Goorin Bros. (377 King Street Suite B), The Key West Hat Shop (106 N. Market), Celebrity Style (79 S. Market), Young's Fashions (1975 Magood Drive, Unit Q,West Ashley), Major's Hat (Old Village, Mt. Pleasant).

The rain and mud dampened the day and affected attendance...but not our hatitude or good time!


Let the Hat Contest Begin!!!!!!!!

The Categories reflect the different styles of hats for the different times of the day

Can't forget the fellas!

Here come the Judges

The Judges, with Master mind John bringing up the rear....You had to be there to appreciate the reference.....

Winners:  Hat from Oceane on Meeting (now closed)

Hat from Young's Fashions, 1975 Magwood Drive, West Ashley

Hat from Major Hats, Old Village Mt. Pleasant

Hat from Isabella's Collection, 139 Market

Generous Gift Certificate from Key West, 106 N. Market

Hat from Goorin Bros. 377 King Street, Suite B

Hat from Goorin Bros. 377 King Street, Suite B

Hat from Celebrity Style,

79 S. Market

Hat from Celebrity Style,

70 S. Market

Samuel's Hat

Betmar Hat

A most stylish couple, in their most stylish winning hats!

Oh yes...Almost forgot:  We came for THE RACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture The Hat Ladies