News Anchor and Award-winning Journalist, Debi Chard, WCSC,  spearheads an annual Holiday Toy Drive in conjunction with The Salvation Army. 

Christmas 2013 marks the 9th year Debi's tradition has been ours

This year proved to be like none other.  Debi requested gifts that had the theme of  "exercise" and suggested bicycles as one example.  The Hat Ladies opened their hearts and their wallets.  With expertise and determination Nancy B, her brother, and her husband, Dick, purchased a record 24 bicycles and 26 helmets.  Other Ladies generously contributed toys and additional funds.

Debi, her cameraman, and van came to Archie's house where The Hat Ladies were ready to model the helmets, ride the bikes, and pack the truck.  The result was truly memorable, fun, and meaningful for all!  We set a standard to meet (top?) next year!

Archie's garage!


Enough of this standing around....

...bicycles are meant to be ridden!...

Off they went!!!!!!!!  It was PRICELESS

But they did know their way home...

Everyone helped to load the truck

And take a few last pictures

Archie's segment with Debi would appear on both the 6:00 and 11:00 broadcasts that day

And what a great day it was...for everyone...especially the kids

Back Row:  Livia, Nancy, Lis, Archie, Debi, Teri, Karen, Jackie, Rosie.

Front Row:  Marcia, Bonnie, Monica

Cameraman, Archie, Debi, and Neil (who donates his truck for Debi during this season)


Reaction to the TV segments from our hatsisters: 

Saw u on TV with the bikes. So glad to have contributed to this.

What a great happy to have been part of it.

I just saw your interview on the TV. You all looked so cute on the bikes with your little t-shirts and your helmets.  Thank you for organizing that.  I wish I could have been there.

Saw you all on the bikes.  Fantastic!!!!!  Debi seemed really thrilled.  You all looked fabulous!!!!

One of our hatsisters saw you all on TV last night:? Go Hat Ladies!  I heard from her that it was wonderful!

I could not be there but my hat is off to you and our hat sisters for their great contributions


And Debi responds:

Thank you so very much for your very generous donations of bikes and helmets and so much more. You are making many kids very happy this holiday season and certainly brought much Christmas spirit to our community with the pink t-shirts and "helmeted" delivery.  We are very blessed to have your support and and doubly blessed to have your service to the lowcountry.  Here's to a wonderful holiday season to you all.

Another beautiful note from Debi, following an additional financial contribution:

It's hard to imagine even more money coming from The Hat Ladies—you all are incredible! We appreciate you and the continued support of “Debi's Kids.” You make it so much fun – and we can't thank you enough. Have a wonderful Christmas! Fondly, Debi