The Hat Ladies are proud to participate every year in The National Day of Caring since it began in 2001, created to balance the horror of 9-1-1 with the goodness of Americans.  We head



....where we once again brought our patriotic program of hats, music, and march along with the guests. It was a rousing success!  We also answered the call to provide food and household items.

Starring: Rosie, Jennie, Pat, Linda, Annette, Sylvia, Jackie, Archie

(and ultimately the entire room:>)

Archie gets the Program going!

Pat and Rosie are in the spirit!



Linda, Jackie, Rosie



Jennie and Sylvia


Linda and Community guest

Everyone participates...

in her own special way

One of the guests leads the crowd

While the other volunteers follow suit

Pat leads the way...

...with Rosie and Jackie close behind

We are soon joined by young volunteers...

...along with folks who enjoy The Center every day

One song ends...

...and another begins

Sylvia includes the Staff

As they help us with the music

Time to pack it all up...but ALWAYS time for one last hug from a new friend...

Here is a small sampling of the food we brought per the request of The Center.  Hatsisters also wrote checks.

Meanwhile we have worked up an appetite and walk next door to Jestine's...completing our Day of Caring tradition

THANK YOU from Chloe Knight Tonney, President and CEO of Trident United Way:  We are grateful for your loyalty to the citizens of our region, and for the distinctive ways in which you and your Hat Ladies colleagues answer the call to serve.  (We were among 6,000 participants who donated more than 23,000 hours of service for community impact valued at more than a quarter of a million dollars).

SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!