The Hat Ladies were honored to serve as part of the Hospitality Services at this Conference that "spreads inspiration, and encouragement" with the goal of "empowering thousands of young girls"

We are so glad that your group enjoyed being with us and how much JOY you all brought tot he conference.  Thank you, and we will see you next year!  All the best, Roslin (Coordinator and Creator of this Magnificent Program)

Our booth where our Gently Used Hats were sold

Our earliest arrivals, Deana and Kathy (7:00 shift).  Deana already finds a hat she likes from our Sale....

Regina and Betsy now join Kathy

Next Ida and Pat (between Archie and Deana) are there

The Early Bird gang's all here!

Deana and Pat head to their assignment:  The Dressing Room for the performers


Kathy and Regina's Photo Booth hasn't yet arrived, but the second shift of Dani and Corinne, has!

Dani and Archie

Deana, Pat, Dani, Corinne, Pat are now joined by Lorna


Lorna, Dani, and Pat "man" the refreshment table

Marlene, Susie, and Jackie (part of the third shift contingent) are the apple of our eye....

...when they're not busy popping into and out of the Dressing Room


Livia and her Mom (who came all the way from Indonesia to help) are always camera ready

Livia, Mimi, Susie, Jackie, and Mom


Our VIPS...Liz

...and Ida

Meanwhile, back at our Booth:  Mimi and Marlene

Mimi and Archie

Liz greets a contact from Garrett Academy and a possible future Hat Lady

Archie is thrilled to have Carolyn Murray (WCBD Anchor extraordinaire) and her daughter, Reese, pay us a visit



As if Jackie, Archie, and Susie haven't ALREADY had a ball...

...all this FUN has made Jackie and Archie thirsty


One big photo op with a few of the shifts overlapping:

Top Row:  Liz, Dani, Corinne, Mimi, Ida

Middle:  Archie, Mom, Kathy

Bottom:  Livia and Susie

It took a village to move us out (the cart is loaded)

At the end of the (long) day, the real Dream Girls were US.