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As you follow the trail of the Goldsmiths from Chicago to Oklahoma then back to Chicago, you will see hats are a legitimate part of my heritage.  Apparently I got it from both sides, because my maternal Grandmother was known as "The Hat Lady!"...a fact I also found out years after starting an Organization dedicated to a love of hats.

In any case, I had no idea how many other things I would find that could not merely be explained by coincidence.  I only knew that this little tiny town in Oklahoma meant so much to my Father he subscribed to its newspaper for 70 years after he left.  That was good enough for me to start my journey.

I hope you will enjoy reading about it.  But most of all, I hope it inspires you to delve further into your family stories.  I can honestly say it took very little effort.  The connections I made using a few links that seemed logical to my situation were amazing and tremendously fulfilling.   I also reached out to the press, which I have found loves a good human interest story.   As you will see, their help became invaluable to my success.

Sit back, relax, and travel back 100 years in time and space.  You won't need the covered wagon the Goldsmiths did!  Just cyberspace.

pART One:  Anticipation.  A Daughter Seeks her Father's Roots


pART Two: Realization.  A Daughter Finds her Father's Roots  

A Daughter Eulogizes her Father (May 2006)


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