Hats, Memoirs, & Personalized Poetry

31 years ago, I left my home town of Chicago and began a new life with my new husband.  First we lived in Atlanta, Georgia, then moved to Charleston, SC, where we currently reside.  I was unaware I had brought two passions with me: My love of wearing hats and my desire to write my life stories.

When it comes to Wearing my Hats, from the time I discovered hats in a trunk in my girlfriend's attic (at ten years old, I have had stylish hats on my head.  But in Chicago, and even in Atlanta, the primary purpose was warmth.  My hats became noticeable on the walkable, talkable streets of Charleston. Before I knew it, I was attracting others who loved hats.  I realized I could pull something both meaningful and fashionable out of simply wearing them.

As for Writing my Memoirs, I actually began writing them when I was ten years old, too. Two things occurred that I felt were worth recording for posterity: My Mother won a car in a raffle, and my parakeet laid an egg.  I wrote about the car on one side of a sheet of paper and the bird on the back side.  But then I ran out of things to say.  So I put down my pencil and picked up my computer 40 years later, when I had a lot to say.

These two “aha moments,” as Oprah labeled them, sparked one of the most creative periods in my life.  What I did with my Hat Wearing and Memoir and Poetry Writing has valuable implications for everyone.  They began by taking a look in my rear-view mirror.

Take a look in yours.  It can highlight interest(s) that were surfacing by the time YOU were 10 years old. What grabbed your imagination for hours may point the way to what you should be focused on now.  This insight can transform a childhood passion into a satisfying adult pursuit.

Regarding Hats Click on this icon for details.  Even if hats aren’t your thing, let them symbolize SOME-thing you have loved all your life. Don’t dismiss it as “stupid” or let anyone else, for that matter; amazing things can be pulled out of it...even at the drop of a hat. Never, ever, hang up your hat.

Regarding Memoirs:Click on this icon for details. What are/were your stories?  We all have them. The ordinary IS extraordinary.  Be inspired to learn simple, effective, ways to write your past and present, and point the way to your future.  What you love surfaced in some form by the time you were ten years old.

The underlying message to both my passions is that you can discover YOUR passion. What seems like “ironies” or “coincidences” will prove to be grounded in fact, even destiny.  Joseph Campbell said it best: “Follow your bliss. If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living….” You just need to identify it. Hats and Memoirs can make the difference...for YOU, above anyone else. And a Personalized Poem may prove to perfectly fit the occasion for someone else:


Regarding Personalized Poetry:  Anything Hallmark can do, I can do better, especially write you a Personalized Poem for any occasion, to be sent to anyone.  Contact me at hatladies@aol.com for details.


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