WHO?  The Hat Ladies of Charleston, under the leadership of Top Hat, Archie Burkel

WHAT?  Ladies of all ages who love hats of all colors who formed a stylish brigade of volunteers making a difference in their lives and their community. We are not affiliated with any other hat group nor do we make or sell hats.  We wear them....

"WEAR?"  The Hat Ladies was created because:

  • Ladies do not always have confidence to be the only one wearing a hat
  • Ladies do not always feel they have occasions to wear a hat

We WEAR our hats of all colors in a spirit of camaraderie and community service.

HOW?  Every hat loving, kind hearted female is invited to toss her hat in the ring as a member, member at large, or form a chapter in her community.  Click on Join The Hat Ladies below for details.

WHY?  If only ONE WORD could be used to promote our stylish hat wearing, that word is "FUN."  No other accessory has such power to express individuality and hatitude.  No other accessory opens opportunities you never imagined could come your way. No other accessory is as much "FUN."

 Table of Contents

 Picture The Hat Ladies     (Updated 8/7)    

Hat-pin-ings                     (Updated 8/6)    

Volunteerism                  (Updated 8/6)

  HaTpy Hour        

Feathers in our Caps 

"Top Hat" Archie         

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