Hats on to The Joy of Hats!


The Joy of Hats is a joy.  Don Rongione, CEO Bollman Hats, www.bollmanhats.com




"True Archie style!  You go Archie!  LOVE READING YOUR BOOK!  It is a MUST read for all of the Hat lovin' Hat wearing ladies!" Vernell Washing, Granddiva Enterprises



You could say that Archie Burkel is the ultimate hat lover. She not only wears hats every day, but she founded the Hat Ladies of Charleston. Burkel also flew to NYC to attend the Headwear Association dinner last year (and the business meeting). That makes her the most valued hat lady around.

Burkel not only does tons of volunteer work with her members, but she recently wrote a book called, "The Joy of Hats." The 48-page book is filled with practical and inspirational information and is Burkel's homage to the second love of her life (the first being her husband and family).

"There are 20 pictures in the Book from my collection to illustrate different types of hats and how to wear them properly," she said. "The pictures are in black and white and are not so much to showcase hats as they are to instruct."

The 17 chapters range from: Uncovering the Joy of Hats to Proving You Can Look Good in a Hat, Shopping for Hats, Conquering Hat Anxiety, Having More Fun with Hats and other interesting hat filled subjects.

The book showcases Burkel's passion for headwear and for life. We applaud her for her courage and support of the headwear industry and the hat business.

There is also a chapter called: Understanding What Hats Can Teach Us About Life. Umm….I must see this.  To order the Book go to: www.hatladies.org; Diane Feen, Editor of Hatlife.com, www.hatlife.com


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A brand new book by Archie Burkel, hat enthusiast and Top Hat of the famous Hat Ladies of Charleston, South Carolina, has just beenreleased. The Joy of Hats is a comprehensive guide with practical tips and inspirational messages and would be the perfect “stocking stuffer” for your favourite clients all year long.

Whether you are a hatlover who can't resist shopping for a new one, the hat wannabe who is afraid to toss your hat in the ring or someone who has wanted to hang up your hat, The Joy of Hats proves:

There is a hat for every head that wants one.

There is a right way to shop, then care, for hats.

There is more to hat wearing than meets the eye.

The January HATalk Give Away winner will be the lucky recipient of a signed copy of The Joy of Hats - see below for details of how to enter. For more information on this book, including the Table of Contents, a bio of Author Archie, reviews, and ordering information, go to www.hatladies.org. You will be "hatpy" you did!


"Thank you for the copy of your charming book. I read it immediately and found it both entertaining and practical."  Dolly Hamlin, life long hat wearer


"The Joy of Hats is truly the perfect reference for us to recommend to our customers who are unsure about wearing and purchasing hats."  Lady Diane Hats; www.ladydiane.com



"Archie has given us a great handbook, useful to both the milliner and the hat lover alike."  Judith M Millinery Supply House; www.judithm.com.



"I was one of those people who swore 'hats just don't look good on me.' What I didn't know about hats has filled this Book!  Now that I know a 'crown' from a 'brim,' and that hats don't have sizes, I can find hats that are actually flattering and fun."  Ellen Hunter, new hat wearer



The Joy of Hats is the perfect compliment to the work I do as a milliner as it unravels much of the mystery surrounding hats. It will help a lady choose and wear the Right Hat…Her Hat …so she can experience the Joy of receiving smiles, compliments, and looking great in Her Hat! Kathi Harris; www.hat-a-tude.com




The Joy of Hats is a great resource for those who make hats as well as those who purchase them because it answers the questions milliners are frequently asked. I look forward to posting it on my web site so my customers can get their own copy and benefit from it as I have. Trish Hadley; www.hadleyhats.com



"Hats are more popular than they have been in years.  Archie has written a brilliant book addressing the practical side of hats, with useful topics such as: How to pick the hat that looks best; how to achieve the perfect fit; how to clean and store the hat; and many other great ideas.  This is a must have for any lady who loves hats or wants to fall in love with them." Dianne Graham, Over The Top Hats; www.OvertheTop-hats.com



Aptly named, The Joy of Hats is both witty and insightful, offering a view into the charming world of hats as well as the ladies who wear them. Not for the cognoscenti alone, this delightful volume provides much helpful advice on choosing a becoming hat for the newcomer who wishes to join her more experienced hat sisters. Archie Burkel, through her work as a noted philanthropist, adds a special lustre to hats and endearing life lessons. Cynthia Marek Lundeen, U.S. Patent holder, Millinery Designer and Author; www.cynthiascenturies.com



From The Hat Ladies themselves:


Love, love, love it


Thank you for my beautifully autographed copy of The Joy of Hats. It brightens my day each time I go through it I learnred some valuable tips, too!  You and your book are a treasure.


It was a JOY, cover to cover, reading your book, The Joy of Wearing Hats. I read it cover to cover before putting it down. You did a great job.


I am thrilled with your subject matter. As you have noted, I am sure…I have a great need for your instructions to choose and wear hats correctly. THANK YOU!


The Joy of Hats