The Joy of Hats


Archie Burkel

Nat King Cole sang, "Unforgettable. That's what you are."  The same can be said about hats.  Moreover, when it comes to hats, add the words "timely" and "timeless" because that's what they are, too.

You are seeing headlines from the L.A. Time, Vanity Fair, and Charleston Magazine declaring, "Hats are Back on Top" and calling them, "Fall's Most Coveted Accessory," and "statement-makers." You are noticing them on the heads of men, women, and children. But hats have always been there, and hats will always be here:  They belong to every culture and religion; they identify countless professions; they protect our skin and eyes; they make a fashion statement. And they are something more, as you are about to find out.

Whether you are a hat lover who can't resist shopping for a new one or the hat wannabe who is afraid to toss your hat in the ring or someone who has wanted to hang up your hat, The Joy of Hats proves: 

The Joy of Hats  is a comprehensive guide with practical tips and inspirational messages. All it takes is a hat on your head and a smile on your face, and your world becomes a better place.  In fact, the whole world becomes a better place. Try one on for size and discover there is a reason hats and magic go together.

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