sponsored by

The Charleston Area Senior Center

This wonderful Organization that literally serves those in need doesn't need its own explanation.  But The Hat Ladies had an additional reason for tossing our hats into this particular Fundraiser for them: Our relationship to The Charleston Area Senior Center goes back to the years following 9-1-1.  We always bring a Patriotic Program of song and dance to entertain their members as part of The Day of Caring.

Their Volunteer Coordinator sent "A BIG Thank You:"  "I wanted to reach out to ya’ll and thank you for all of your assistance this weekend!! The enthusiasm and passion of the Hat Ladies really added to the evening!"

The dining tables are set... are the Silent Auction tables

Sylvia, Jackie, Annette

Ethaine, Susie, Carolyn, Jakae

Sylvia, Heather, Annette prepare the trays

Sylvia and Annette

Kathleen and Maggie

serve as Waitresses

As does Susie


And Carolyn


They also enjoy serving themselves: Kathleen and Heather

Carolyn, Kathleen, and Maggie

Photographic fun:  Kathleen, Heather, Maggie

Even MORE photographic fun...with props provided for everyone:  Kathleen, Maggie, Heather, and Ethaine

Susie and Carolyn


Livia and Archie



Jakae, Annette, Sylvia

Archie, Maggie, Kathleen, and Maggie


Livia, Carolyn, Susie, Archie

Susie who lent the hat off her head to the gentleman in the middle requesting it...Carolyn, Annette, and Archie

Archie nabs the best dancer in the house

John has competition, that's for sure!