The Universality of Being a Hat Lady

I have been friends for ten years with a Romanian family. I know how difficult their life is from having visited them.  Cornelia and Florin hold three jobs just to make ends meet and provide for their two children.

As "Top Hat," I found myself working harder and harder creating The Hat Ladies.  I hesitated to tell Cornelia about "this hat thing," for I feared it would sound frivolous against the backdrop of her life.  However, this labor of love soon filled most of my time.  So the day came when I had to tell her about it or write a very short letter!

Her response both astounded and delighted me. "wHAT's in a Hat?"  More than one could ever have imagined:

"Charleston can be proud with you and the Club you created.  If I were there, I would surely like to be a member of your Club.  It's an excellent idea and probably a pleasant and amusing way of spending a few free hours with friends.  Congratulations and long live your Club."

(There is an equally interesting postscript.  As mentioned previously, The Hat Ladies are an hatsolutely astounding network.  One of the daughter's of a Hat Lady is involved in an HIV Project in Romania.  She met Cornelia and hand carried back a gift for me...a HAT.  Needless to say, it is the one I treasure the most).

(There is yet another amazing postscript:  The Hat Ladies met the Romanian Ambassador to The United Nations in 2010, leading to the creation of The Hats of The World Luncheon, now held annually.  Photos and fully story found under "Picture The Hat Ladies").


Of course, nothing speaks to The Universality of Being a Hat Lady" more than The annual Hats of The World Luncheon hosted by The Hat Ladies for the female ambassadors to The United Nations.  Click HERE for the full story.


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