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From this point on, the single most important word will be "Communication."  Top Hat, Archie, is more than hatpy to answer your questions and review the legalities and cost for starting and maintaining your Chapter.  But it is critical that you recognize the value in keeping the communication going once it has started.  Let the time spent in conversation be productive for everyone, with no one left "holding the hat!"

Archie can be reached at hatladies@aol.com to arrange for a telephone interview. Indicate the best time(s) of day or night to reach you. Before you do, familiarize yourself with "The Agreement" explained below.  Once again, be honest as to how much time and effort you are able to put into forming and maintaining Chapter. 

The Chapter Agreement

THE HAT LADIES is Ladies of all ages and backgrounds, brought together by their love of hats of all colors, in a spirit of camaraderie and community service.

Each Chapter incorporated into The Hat Ladies LLC promises to uphold this principle upon which it is founded. How it is implemented may vary from Chapter to Chapter because of differences between people and places.  However, there are certain stipulations that must be honored by all:

1. Since The Hat Ladies is based on a love of hat wearing:

a. Ladies are encouraged to proudly wear their hat(s)
b. Ladies are offered at least one group activity ("hatpening") each month, providing an occasion to wear them
c. Ladies are encouraged to wear hats of all colors
d. Ladies are welcome to join, without any restriction as to age, background, race, religion, or pre-determined number of members
e. The only lady who is ineligible is the lady who does not choose to wear a hat
f. Ladies are encouraged to proudly wear their hat(s)

2. Since the good will, stature, fun, volunteerism, elegance, and grace associated by the public with The Hat Ladies must always be maintained and enhanced, The Hat Ladies of ________________________
must acknowledge:

a. "Fun" is encouraged, but never defined as "funny," "frivolous," "silly," or wacky
b.   Material that is false or misleading is prohibited
c. There is never an association or hint of association with any unfair, misleading, illegal, vulgar, obscene, immoral, unsavory, offensive activities
d. Their reputation in the community is one of reliability, honesty, fair dealing, and fun

3.  Since The Hat Ladies also use their hats as a symbol of their community service to non-political, non-controversial, non-profit organizations and causes, The Hat Ladies of _________________________ will:

a. Be receptive to all such causes without becoming identified with any one of them
b. Seek such endeavors to lend their enthusiastic support
c. Establish the reputation as the ones to call when help is needed

4.  Since The Hat Ladies is an LLC, there are financial requirements for The Hat Ladies of __________________:

a. The Coordinator pays a one-time fee of $500.00 to register the cHApTer.  There are no fees required thereafter
b.  The Coordinator decides the amount each member pays annually; $30.00 is suggested

5.  Since Archie Burkel is the Founder and President of The Hat Ladies LLC,

a. All publicity from media (radio, newspaper, television) that has a distribution or audience on a national level (i.e. outside the Your Town area) must be immediately referred to her at hatladies@aol.com

b. All local publicity remains with The Hat Ladies of ____________________, but reference to the National Organization should be made whenever/wherever possible

6. Since all Chapters receive the use of the names "The Hat Ladies"  along with your Chapter name, "The Hat Ladies of ______________," and the logo as seen on The Hat Ladies website at www.hatladies.org, it must be clearly understood that:

a. These names and the logo are owned by The Hat Ladies, LLC for the necessary purposes associated with the Chapter for activities in your city
b. No other distinguishing name or logo (mark) may be used in conjunction with a Chapter
c. The only symbol of a hat or a lady in a hat that may be used to represent your Chapter is the logo seen on the website 
d. Ideas for merchandise using the logo are encouraged.  However, they cannot be implemented without the expressed written permission of Archie Burkel.
e. It is the responsibility of the Chapter Coordinator to insure the name and logo are strictly controlled to prevent their unauthorized use in this area
f. The proper use of your name is "The Hat Ladies" or "The Hat Ladies of Your Town" (NOT "Your Town Hat Ladies")

7. Since The Hat Ladies of _____________________ is incorporated into The Hat Ladies LLC, the Chapter Coordinator must keep The Hat Ladies, LLC informed of all events, occasions, Hatpenings, and concerns by sharing newsletters with Archie Burkel

Please return this Agreement with a one-time fee of $500.00, payable to The Hat Ladies, LLC: to:

Archie Burkel, Founder and President
805 Heyward Cove
Charleston, SC 29412
hatladies@aol.com, www.hatladies.org

Once payment is received, you will receive a copy of this Agreement with my signature, plus everything needed to make The Hat Ladies of Your Town a reality:

a. The "How to Manual" for starting your Chapter
b. Copies of all newsletters sent by Archie Burkel to the Charleston Chapter, from this point on
c. Ongoing support from Archie Burkel for maintaining your Chapter
d. Use of The Hat Ladies name and accompanying logo
e. The prestige and empowerment that comes with being part of an Organization that has received accolades locally, nationally, and internationally
f. An opportunity to make fashion history

Best of all, you will embark upon a journey that will make a positive difference in your life, the lives of others, and your community.  Being a Chapter Coordinator is guaranteed to be fun, meaningful, and personally satisfying.  Thanks for beginning your hatadventure today!

The Hat Ladies of _____________________

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The Hat Ladies LLC

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805 Heyward Cove
Charleston, SC 29412

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