The Hat Ladies have always been supportive of community based organizations and non controversial causes throughout The Tri County Area.  Overtime we found reasons to create our own unique Awards, reflective of our ideals, and recognize the hatsisters who personified them.

Here is the backstory to each of them:

The Garret Academy Monetary Award:  Given to a High School Senior who illustrated a concern for her appearance and our volunteer spirit.  Academic achievement and scholastic record were not a requirement; a kind heart was what mattered most. . Unfortunately this Award ended when Garrett Academy closed. Awards were given annually from 2003 -2018.

The Ruth Mazyck Hat Boutique: This Boutique at Hope Lodge was named after a Hatsister who survived Cancer, then proceeded to volunteer at the Facility for many years. Located on the campus of The Medical University of South Carolina, Hope Lodge provides housing for outpatients undergoing Cancer Treatment. The Hat Ladies continue to supplygently used  hats for all seasons, much to the delight of the residents.

Holly's Closet:  There is a "Closet" located in the Psychology Department of The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). It provides gently used clothing for people who need treatment, then choose to return to living on the Street upon their release.  Its existence goes back many years. When a hatsister named "Holly" who worked there was killed by a drunk driver, we asked that it be renamed "Holly's Closet."

This Award now has a "counterpart,' created by her loving daughter, Colby. Colby worked with the High School in Warwick Rhode Island that her Mother attended.  This "Holly's Closet" provides clothing, shoes, and other necessities for students to grab if they need them throughout the year.  There will also be a request box for students to anonymously put in their needs.  Colby will personally make sure to fulfill them. 

Colby thanks The Hat Ladies of Charleston for "continuing her Mom's legacy in Charleston, South Carolina," and vows to "continue it by creating a "Holly's Closet" in Rhode Island," Holly's home town.

Carolyn Joubert Coker Good Neighbor Award: Carolyn was a loving and lovely Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, and Hat Lady.  Tragically she out lived all family members. This Award in her name honors a "Good Neighbor" who sees a need, steps forward, and makes a difference in the life another in extraordinary ways, when there are no others. Sponsored by her hatsisters and State Farm in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

 Photos and profiles of the recipients, and further details of the above Awards, can be found by clicking:  Volunteerism TOC

Should other occasions occur whereby we can honor hatsisters while connecting them to causes in our community, additional Awards will be created.  Thus this category can be considered "a work in progress."

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