Easter Promenade 2016

The Hat Ladies and our families returned to Broad Street in all our seasonal finery.  This time we were joined with our new Mayor John Tecklenburg and Mrs. Tecklenburg, musicians playing "In Your Easter Bonnet" accompanied by "The Hat Ladies' Chorus."

This year's Promenade was all the more remarkable because it threatened (and occasionally succeeded) in raining on our Parade!

But WE shone in ways initially unimaginable

Although Washington Park was in bloom, we were the prettiest flowers in the garden

With a hat on our head, an umbrella to add another pop of color, and the biggest smile on our face, we prevailed!

Enjoy the photos, thanks to our incredible photographers, then read reviews of our BEST Promenades EVER

(Archie) and Al


(not pictured:  John or Brenda)

   Gathering at Washington Park


Dining Afterwards

Acknowledging the Media

Reflecting on the Experience

Seeing it for Yourself: Go to https://youtu.be/Rrie55N7Idk.


  Picture The Hat Ladies