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Throw your hat in the ring and choose one of the following options:

1.  Join The Hat Ladies of Charleston

Come together with Ladies from as far North as Pawleys Island, as far West as Huger, Orangeburg, and Walterboro as far South as Summerville, Seabrook, and Edisto. Carpooling can be arranged.

Send $35.00* check for annual dues payable to "The Hat Ladies" to 805 Heyward Cove, Charleston, SC 29412. Include your email address and phone number.  *Includes a copy of The Joy of Hats

If you don't have an email, include your fax number.

If you don't have a fax number or email address, please find a friend or relative to whom weekly newsletters can be sent. 

2.  Join as an Associate Member (Hat Lady at Large)

Enjoy the prestige and experience the self-esteem of being a Hat Lady without living in Charleston. Help associate hat wearing with volunteering and bring back the hat!  Receive all newsletters, attend The Hat Ladies functions when visiting Charleston, advertise on the Hat Ladies website and newsletters.

Send $35.00* check for annual dues payable to "The Hat Ladies" to 805 Heyward Cove, Charleston, SC 29412.  *Includes a copy of The Joy of Hats

3.  Become a Chapter Coordinator and form The Hat Ladies of (Your Town).    "The Hat Ladies" is a legally protected entity.  I am haTpy to share the joy of having a chapter via consultation and a "How to" Manual for the cost of $500.00.  It is easy to recoup this cost through membership dues. 

Please understand, however, that the value of heading a Hat Ladies chapter comes from "fame, not fortune."  The amount of recognition one receives as a member (or coordinator) because of the community outreach done while wearing beautiful hats is both rewarding and priceless.  Call me at 843-762-6679 to start the process.


The Hat Ladies of Warwick, NY; Carol Ann Cesare, Coordinator;

The Hat Ladies of Wilmington, NC, established December 2018, Babi Doerrer, Coordinator, Click HERE for photos of the Inaugural Luncheon.

4. Incorporate an existing hat club as an affiliate

Existing groups of ladies who love to wear hats of all colors are invited to consider becoming  a Hat Ladies "affiliate."  Hats bring people together. Together we can make a difference in the world of fashion and in the world, in general. The cost is $250.00. Contact me at843-762-6679 to start the process.

For points 3 & 4, please understand:

Chapters canNOT be established without the express permission of The Top Hat, Archie Burkel. The Hat Ladies is a limited liability corporation (LLC), and its name, logo, and format have been trademarked.

Any use of the words "The Hat Ladies" or the logo is prohibited without express permission of The Hat Ladies, LLC.

Hats bring people together. 

In times of such divisions between people, wHAT could be better than tHAT!

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