Thank you for logging onto this page of The Hat Ladies website.  Being Top Hat of The Hat Ladies has afforded me opportunities to do a great deal of writing.  Hopefully, practice makes perfect.


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Eulogy for my Mother, Thelma "Tybee" Goldsmith   (4/6/2014)

Finding Joy, Losing Joy, Finding joy (Post and Courier 8/2013)  AND (Yellow Roses Magazine; Spring 2015 Premier Issue,            

Family Relationships Can Be Difficult (Post and Courier 4/2012)   

Rediscovering What You Love (Post and Courier 1/2011) 

Dancing With My Father (Post and Courier  6/2011) 

More Than A Pickle     (Post and Courier 10/2010)

Looking Homeward and Finding Myself      (Post and Courier 6/2010)

Finding My Roots (Complete story)

Eulogy for My Father   (5/4/2006)



Our Charles Town:  A musical extolling the virtues of Charleston and the joy of hats, that gives everyone something to hang her hat on.

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