If anyone knows what's "hat-pin ing" around Charleston, it's The Hat Ladies.  Thus our Calendar is typically filled with hat wearing opportunities that unite Ladies with one another and connect us to our community.  The friendships and self-esteem we pull out of our hats is powerful, while our outreach is meaningful to everyone and everything we touch.

Ladies who love hats who come to Charleston are welcome to join us at our HaT-pin-ings, if prior arrangements are made.


If there's one thing a Hat Lady does NOT want to see hat-pin, it's having something become "old hat."  While our 2024 Hat-pin-ings will resemble those of previous years, new ones will be added and others will disappear. 

The two most important words are "things change."  Certainly over our 23 year history tHAT has been the case...both within our Organization, our Charleston Community, and our world, in general. 

Here are those 2024 Hat-pin-ings we are anticipating.  Please note they will remain "a work in progress"...just like us!  After all, if there's one thing a Hat Lady does NOT want to do it's "hang up her hat!"

And given the RIGHT opportunity, we'll do things at the DROP of a hat!


Friday, 12th: HaTpy Hour at Marriott (across from Brittlebank Park)..5:30 - 7:30


 Saturday, 3rd:  Summer Luncheon; Tides Hotel on Folly Beach; 11:30 - 1:30


Saturday, 14th, High Tea at Charleston Place in honor of our 24th Anniversary ; noon p 2:00



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Hat-pin-ings 2021

We were off to a slow start, as Charleston (and the rest of the world) started recovering from COVID.

Hat-pin-ings 2020 

This year COVID effectively canceled all community activities in which The Hat Ladies would have participated.  There were, however, some clever events we managed to pull out of our hats.  Click on the icon to see what they were.

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