THANK YOU for your interest in seeing The Burkel's "What Next? Tour" aka "Around London, Spain, and Portugal in 44 days," and "If It's Tuesday, I'd Better Check My Itinerary....Tour."


While John has been busy gathering a sampling of photos to post (down from 2000+), I had to find the best way to explain our odyssey. I decided to give it a grade; that grade is "F."


Now in the Chicago school system, "F" meant "Failure!"  Not here!  In fact, "F" stands for "Fine:" 

We traveled with "Few" pieces of luggage:

We were "Fortunate" we could do it, "Fhysically" and "Financially"

We experienced "Fhenomenal" weather 43.5 days out of 44

We ate "Food" that ranged from "Fair" to "Fulfilling," with everything in between, without ANY ill effects

We slept on peacefully on countless "Firm" mattresses and stood happily in as many "Forceful" showers

We "Found" our way on planes, boats, buses (chartered and city), trains (chartered and city), and our own two "Feet"

We overcame "Fear" and survived cliff hanging rides up and down mountains

We saw structures built in the "First" Century BC and structures "First" being built now

We cherished the "Friends" and "Family" who were with us in spirit

We welcomed new "Friends" into our "Fold"

We pulled "Fun" out of our hats and our travels

And the "F" word that sums them all up: "Fabulous"


Now "For Fotos:"


London, England

          The Royal Ascot, Stonehenge, Hampton Court, Oxford


Madrid and Segovia

Barcelona, Spain

Southern Spain via The Windstar Cruise Ship

Tarragona, Ibiza, Cartegena, Granada, Malaga, Tangier (Morocco)


Portugal via The Viking River Cruise on the Duoro River

Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Bitetos, Regua, Barca 'd Alva, Pinhao, Salamanca, Santiago de Compestela


Northern Spain via Train Tour on the Transcantabrico Classico

Ferrol, Viverio, Ribadeo, Luarca, Candas, Aviles, Gijon, Oviedo, Arriondas, Llanes, Santillana del Mar, Santandar, Bilbao, Mataporquera, Villasana de Mena, Cistierna, San Feliz, Leon



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